Bach Toccata Exercise

A piano warmup/workout for the 1st and 5th fingers excerpted from Toccata BWV 914

I was playing through Bach’s keyboard Toccata BWV 914 in E minor and it occurred to me that the beginning of the last fugal section is a fantastic exercise, especially for the thumb and the pinkie. The pattern creates a very balanced distribution of weight along the hand and gives the 1st and 5th fingers support and a chance to strengthen. It also naturally loosens the forearm and wrist by creating some rotation and takes your hand into the thumb-on-black-key position, unusual for beginners but very common in advanced piano pieces. So I transcribed it in unison and am happy to share it with you

IMPORTANT: please remember to practice ALL exercises I recommend SLOWLY and in short increments, up to 5 minutes per exercise daily is ideal. “Binging” on exercises without experienced supervision could be tension-inducing and harmful. Be very mindful of your INNER ARM SENSATION. Check the shoulders, elbows and wrists for any possible tension and dissipate it by moving those joints and loosening them. Hope you find this exercise useful!

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