Mindful Practice and Memorization


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Do you struggle with memorizing your piano pieces?  Our Mindful Practice and Memorization workshops will help.

Each workshop will consist of 3 weekly Zoom sessions and 2 weeks of honest practicing (about 45 min. daily) in between.  Before the first Zoom, Eleonor will help you choose and analyze a suitable piece for memorization and create a practice schedule. After 2 weeks of mindful and organized practicing, you will see results! No playing will be required at the zooms but everyone’s chosen pieces and progress will be discussed.

All levels welcome, up 6 participants per workshop.

Days and times: 3 Saturdays at 11 am NYC time/afternoon for Europe.  See dropdown menu above for dates.

Send an email for more information and a more detailed description.

Workshop Testimonials

“Eleonor’s memorisation workshop was a fascinating glimpse into the ‘behind the scenes’ world of the professional pianist. An inspirational speaker and teacher whose methods have transformed my approach to learning, and particularly memorising, new pieces.”
—John Abbey, Amateur musician, Chablis, France

“Eleonor Bindman’s extensive experience and numerous resources make this workshop the perfect opportunity to learn or reinforce musical analysis, planning of practice, memorization and quality of approach to piano repertoire”.
—Ana Karina Sandoval, Piano teacher, Mexico.

“Eleonor’s Memorisation Workshop was engaging, inspiring, and provided me with a methodical approach which has led to more productive practice sessions. I would recommend studying with her to pianists of any level.”
—Richard Searle, Composer and Producer, England

“Eleonor Bindman’s Guided Memorization Workshop was, in a word, transformational for the students who took it. I chose to work on Liszt’s Consolation no. 1 in E major (S. 172) and found that I could learn and memorize repertoire at a faster and more secure pace than had I been left to my own devices. I so appreciate Eleonor for her insights regarding how we can practice the piano in all its dimensions – theory and analysis, our ears, and indeed our hands – in deliberate and mindful ways.”
–Lawson Ung, USA

“The memorization workshop exceeded my expectations. As a retired professional, and an intermediate level amateur pianist, I wondered if memorization of lengthy pieces was still possible. By using the tools and methods revealed in this workshop, I successfully memorized my piece in two weeks, and I learned strategies that improve my practice routine, and speed up my learning of new pieces. Thanks for a great workshop!”
—Steve Hessert, USA

“Eleonor’s workshop was a wonderful opportunity for me. Eleonor is an inspirational teacher, the chance to engage with other musicians was fascinating and invaluable and her emphasis on analysis was particularly insightful. I had memorised my chosen piece by the end of the workshop sessions and will definitely be putting Eleonor’s techniques into my daily practise sessions.”
—Lindsay Horton, amateur pianist, U.K.

“Eleonor’s workshop was a very rewarding experience which gave me the foundation to continue my journey with renewed enthusiasm. Her conversational style is involving and draws on a wealth of experience as a teacher and performer. She intrinsically understands what each individual needs and responds to where they are on their musical journey. This is a rare gift. I also learnt much from listening to the guidance given to other participants.”
—John Parker, U.K.

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