Eleonor Bindman, pianist

Pianist Magazine Reviews The Brandenburg Duets

Donald Hunt gives ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to Eleonor Bindman & Jenny Lin’s The Brandenburg Duets recording in Pianist Magazine:

The Brandenburg Duets“One of Bach’s crowning achievements was the Brandenburg Concertos, a huge orchestral feat for that particular period. Now vividly transcribed by pianist Eleonor Bindman for piano duet with Jenny Lin, the Brandenburg Concertos take on a new life. … The album is sequenced not in the order of the concertos, but in a cycle that best engaged the listener as if it were a recital. Out of the 6 concertos, Concerto No. 5 is undoubtedly the highlight as it already has a built-in harpsichord solo part for Bindman and Lin to sink their teeth into. What Bindman and Lin achieve as a dual partnership in the climactic cadenza of Concerto No. 5 is breathtaking in its sheer precision and vitality. … Created well in time before the 300th anniversary of the Brandenburg Concertos, the young talents of the piano world will now dive into what could eventually be standard repertoire for piano duos.”

Donald Hunt, Pianist Magazine

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