“The existing Piano Duet transcription of the Brandenburg Concertos proved to be of no avail to musicians so I felt compelled to create an accessible arrangement, one that could place these masterpieces into the heart of the piano-four-hands repertoire next to Mozart’s Sonatas and Schubert’s works. By recording the Brandenburg Duets, I hope to attract fresh attention to the art of partnership on one keyboard and to inspire amateur and professional pianists alike to engage in music-making of the highest order. We can never have too much Bach.” – Eleonor Bindman

Unlike the only published piano duet arrangement by Max Reger, which has serious performance limitations, Eleonor Bindman’s new transcription of the Brandenburg Concertos highlights their polyphony, imagining how Bach might have distributed the score if he had created four-part inventions for piano duet. With an equal partnership between the two instrumentalists, using the modern piano’s full potential to convey the unique scoring and character of each work, the concertos are ordered to create an engaging listening sequence.

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