J.S. Bach Cello Suites for Solo Piano a Pianodao recording of the Month

The Pianodao blog names J.S. Bach Cello Suites for Solo Piano their Recording of the Month!

“I was intrigued to hear about New York-based pianist Eleonor Bindman’s latest project: the transcription, performance and recording of Bach’s Six Cello Suites for solo piano. … Arrangements have variously been made by Raff, Godowsky and Siloti, but as Bindman notes in her essay, these versions considerably embellish and add to Bach’s original design. Hers is a markedly different and radical approach… Despite preserving the predominantly single line of the original versions, the warmth of the piano sound and register rich in overtones (further blessed by subtly sustained resonance) reveals the harmonic architecture of the pieces with freshly polished coherence. … these transcriptions are not merely fascinating, but an equally expressive, exhilarating and rewarding listening experience. … Quite simply (and irrespective of the particular novelty factor here) this is Bach playing of the highest order. … Listening to Bindman’s recording, I was immediately struck by the mellifluous beauty and sensitivity of her renditions of these iconic cello works; that she has transcribed them so well and plays them with such assurance, grace and finesse makes this 2CD set an easy choice for my Recording of the Month.”

—Andrew Eales, Pianodao

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