Eleonor Bindman in Pianist Magazine

Bach Cello Suites for Piano in Pianist Magazine

Pianist Magazine highlights Eleonor Bindman’s J.S. Bach Cello Suites for Solo Piano arrangements, saying it just “might be the ideal new project”!

Nothing makes Eleonor Bindman happier than receiving thank-you notes from amateur pianists. 

“Watching my adult students struggle with difficult pieces revealed the need for a new kind of piano repertoire” – says the Latvian-American pianist and transcriber – the kind that helps people participate in music-making of the highest order without weeks of practice, tension or feelings of inadequacy. Her latest project, a piano transcription of J. S. Bach’s Cello Suites, accomplishes just that. And Bach lovers of all ages have expressed enthusiasm for this wonderful new set of piano music, some finally being able to play their favourite music well despite arthritis, others eager for quality warm-up and technique-building material, and many simply relishing a new Bach immersion which makes these stay-at-home times a lot more bearable.

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