J.S. Bach Cello Suites for Piano Solo Score




  • Page total: 124 pages
  • Hard Copy Printed Orders: Printed on-demand and bound: 124 pages, Premium 28 lb paper, with commentaries and illustrations for each suite.
  • Hard Copies also include download access
  • For those printing after purchasing downloads: double-sided printing has been considered in the file layout, so you are welcome to do so!

The Cello Suites are the essence of Bach, a meditation which mysteriously connects us to ourselves and to the universe at once. My new transcription of this beloved set shows a refreshing perspective to a pianist, unencumbered by counterpoint and zooming in on the individual line, patterns, tone quality, and the great composer’s vocabulary. I find the experience of playing the Suites on the keyboard not only aesthetically satisfying but also relaxing and joyful. We could all use an opportunity to enjoy our music-making without unnecessary stress, especially in current times. I am also eager to bring these 36 pieces to many pianists and students because they are immensely beneficial for working on tone and finger technique.

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