Stretto Feature on Eleonor Bindman’s Piano Duet Arrangements

Stretto Magazine has a double-review of Eleonor Bindman’s Brandenburg Concerts and Orchestral Suites arrangements for Piano Duet and recordings:

“With an equal collaboration between the two instrumentalists, utilizing the full potential of the modern piano to convey the unique writing and character of each concerto, the six concertos by both pianists Eleonor Bindman and Jenny Lin were arranged ( 1-3-5-6-4-2), that they create an engaging listening sequence.… In the transcription of Bach’s 4 orchestral suites for piano duo, Bach’s work is also reinterpreted on a modern piano, in this case a Bösendorfer. Bindman and her partner, Susan Sobolewski, use the dance moves of the suite to suggest how Bach might have distributed the material, arranging it as contrastingly as possible and conveying the vitality and beauty of the music in a new medium.… These versions should not be missed, because they are very original and very, very special. Highly recommended.”

—Michel Dutrieue, Stretto

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