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Pianist, teacher, and writer Frances Wilson has a new review for the first volume of Stepping Stones to Bach on “A Piano Teacher Writes”:

“Given her experience in both playing and transcribing Bach, these arrangements are excellent, retaining a clear sense of the original while offering early to intermediate pianists the opportunity to play interesting and imaginative stand-alone pieces. The pieces have been simplified and adapted to the modern keyboard, with all the essentials left intact. Each piece has a short footnote with suggestions for fingering and some stylistic/contextual information.

In addition, the well-chosen works in this collection give the early or intermediate player a splendid introduction to variety and glory of Bach’s music. For many of us, our first introduction to Bach is via the two- and three-part inventions, which are undoubtedly wonderful, but Eleonor’s collection offers greater insight into Bach’s music and his musical universe, and as such is an excellent introduction, and, hopefully, a jumping off point for further exploration.… Recommended.”

—Frances Wilson

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