Stepping Stones to Bach


48 Arrangements of J.S. Bach’s Masterpieces for Easy/Intermediate Piano

Stepping Stones to Bach was created to connect amateur pianists and students to the orchestral, choral and various instrumental masterpieces of J.S. Bach. These 48 arrangements make excellent recital pieces, technique studies, warm-up and sight-reading exercises, and building blocks for learning more difficult works. I grouped them into 2 sets of 24 selections as a tribute to The Well-Tempered Clavier.

Pianists of all ages can enjoy playing Bach’s music from this volume without having to spend months perfecting a single piece. Themes from various iconic compositions such as the Brandenburg concertos are adapted to the easy/intermediate piano level, with the melodic and harmonic essentials left intact. Closing cadences are added at suitable points, resulting in a manageable and satisfying playing experience.

I recommend streaming my Stepping Stones to Bach playlist, a supplement to this volume, on Spotify or Apple Music. It will be especially useful for younger students, for stylistic reference and fostering the habit of listening to classical music.

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