Andante from Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, BWV 1049 for Solo Piano


Downloadable Score

While transcribing the complete Brandenburg Duets for piano duet, I realized that some of the slow movements could work really well for solo piano. Not having been familiar with them previously, I was enchanted by their lyricism. The Andante from the 4th concerto was the first one I transcribed for solo piano because, as with all of my transcriptions, I wanted to be able to play it myself.

This movement is built on echoes between the orchestra (tutti) and the soloists which easily translate onto the keyboard. Tutti passages are louder and lower in register than the solos. Some tutti phrases are luxuriously long and need to be pedaled carefully to help sustain the legato effect without muddling the harmony. Listening to an orchestral recording is the best reference as it will clearly delineate the different parts in your mind.

For inspiration and reference, it’s always useful to listen to recordings: there are plenty of orchestral ones out there and my piano duet version of is also available.

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