Eleonor Bindman at piano with Bach Partitas Album cover added in the corner

Announcing My New Recording of Bach’s Complete Partitas

I am delighted to share the May 6, 2022 release of my recordings of J.S. Bach’s Complete Partitas, BWV 825-830 on the Delos label. Available for pre-order on Amazon and pre-save on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more.

The profound and delightful Partitas, J. S. Bach’s Opus 1, sparkle in Eleonor Bindman’s brilliant performance. Her unhurried tempos bring out the twists, turns and quick modulations of the dance movements and preludes of this unparalleled set of six suites — famous in Bach’s day and today for their vitality and depth. Bindman’s spirited recording enriches the listener’s experience by revealing the power and emotional nuances of the suites.

The scope of the Partitas is vast — melody, harmony and counterpoint blending in sonorous combinations that surprise, fascinate and enchant. In the words of Bach’s first biographer, J. N. Forkel: “Such excellent compositions for the clavier [keyboard] had never been seen and heard before. Anyone who had learnt to perform well some pieces out of them could make his fortune in the world thereby.” Choosing to publish this set as his Opus 1, Bach clearly held these compositions in high esteem.