Eleonor Bindman, pianist


“My step-son Philip has been learning the piano with Eleonor for several years now. Like many 12 year olds he can usually think of things he’d rather be doing but Eleonor has done a wonderful job of keeping him on course and finding pieces for him to play that appeal to his musical taste. She’s giving him a really good grounding in theory as well as piano playing and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result. Eleonor is an incredibly talented and accomplished pianist and I take my hat off to her for her ability to maintain a firm but benevolent regime for Philip. I wholeheartedly recommend her and would be glad to talk to anyone who had any questions about her or her teaching skills.

I should also mention that when Philip first started taking lessons with her she used to come to our house in Park Slope and I used to play duets with Eleonor too after Philip’s lessons – in part to encourage Philip and in part for fun. Eleonor would bring over books of piano duets (that weren’t too difficult!) and I really enjoyed it.”

Dinah Nissen, parent

“As a composer, I studied with Eleonor Bindman to get a better understanding of the mechanics of the piano for the purposes of writing more compelling and idiomatic music for the instrument. While I certainly have learned a lot in that regard, Eleonor patiently worked with me on several pieces of our mutual choosing in the areas of fingering, proper posture, sound production, pedaling, and the personal execution of the composer’s written intentions. With great pride I can say that Eleonor has become a champion of my piano music, performing numerous works in a variety of concert settings in numerous cities. Since she possesses great qualities of patience and a thorough musical understanding, I can recommend her as a teacher without reservation.”

Sean Hickey, composer

Eleonor is a wonderful teacher. She has a great way with children of all ages. Both of my sons, who are five years apart (12 and 17) have really enjoyed lessons with Eleonor. She approaches their lessons with humor and a light, yet serious touch, and is attentive to their individual needs. My older son has been interested in learning some music theory, which is not typically taught in piano lessons, and Eleonor has spent a good portion of each lesson helping him understand different chord structures and progressions. Eleonor is an accomplished performer in her own right and the fact that she offers her teaching services at such a modest cost is simply lucky for all of us!

Eve Alburger Litwack, PS 321 teacher

“As a piano teacher myself, I have to say I’ve learned more working with Eleonor than with any other teacher I’ve had in the past. When you finish learning a piece of music with her, you can be sure you know the piece well and worked hard to move on to the next one. I live in PA now and hope to work with her again, even though it will be a 2+ hour trip one way! I guess I am spoiled, but she really is the best!!!”

Linda Rusch, teacher and student

“Both my daughter and I have had the pleasure of studying piano with Eleonor. Prior to studying with Eleonor, my daughter studied piano with various instructors who were good pianists but lack the dedication and teaching skills to engage her. With Eleonor, she blossomed.”

Janet Mak, parent and student

“Our daughter has been studying with Eleonor Bindman for 5 years. Eleonor has a wonderful way of working with children. Music we believe is important for reasons that carry forth with children into their academic growth as well. From day one, Christina learned to play with two hands. Eleonor has a gentle but stern way of working with children to encourage them to go further and she gives them the confidence that they can play early on. As our daughter entered her middle school years and finding time to practice appeared impossible, Eleonor tailored her lessons and worked with the study of music theory.”

Parents of Christina Bandini