New Piano Duets Facebook Group

In the late 18th and 19th centuries, piano duets provided an overwhelmingly popular and sociable medium of domestic music-making. Playing duets was the best way to bring popular orchestral and operatic works into the home, since radio wasn’t yet invented. Many 4-hand transcriptions of orchestral works were made during that time since most city homes had a piano and a few people who played it. And for some visitors, 4-hand playing provided a sanctioned opportunity for courtship; two bodies seated at extremely close proximity, inviting an occasional touch of hand and perhaps a slight electric shock, were however engaged in something quite wholesome.

Unfortunately, the piano duet genre doesn’t enjoy as much popularity today. Our entertainment and leisure pastimes have devolved into those not requiring much skill or effort. TVs and other screens outnumber pianos in our households by a staggering ratio. So the piano duet scene is in great need of revival. If you agree, please visit and join my Facebook Group dedicated to the art of the Piano Duet.

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