Left at the Fork in the Road


A broad overview of the Sean Hickey’s works for chamber and chamber orchestra configurations. Left at the Fork in the Road, released on Naxos American Classics, has met with critical acclaim throughout the world and was a Billboard charting release in its first weeks, a rarity for new music.


Eleonor Bindman appears on tracks in bold

  1. Left at the Fork in the Road
  2. Flute Sonata: I. —
  3. Flute Sonata: II. —
  4. Flute Sonata: III. —
  5. Fool’s Errand
  6. Fluff
  7. To the Wars
  8. Pair of Pants: I. —
  9. Pair of Pants: II. —
  10. Pair of Pants: III. —
  11. Granfaloon
  12. Sagesse: I. —
  13. Sagesse: II. —