Duo Vivace - Eleonor Bindman and Susan Sobolewski outside in Brooklyn

Announcing the Bach Orchestral Suites for Piano Duet

J.S. Bach Orchestral Suites Transcribed for piano duet by Eleonor Bindman

On November 11ththe recording of my arrangement of J.S. Bach’s Orchestral Suites will start streaming and selling worldwide. Together with The Brandenburg Duets, this completes my most important musical project to date.  In a few months the reality of the achievement will set in but right now I just feel grateful to my duet partner Susan Sobolewski, our engineer and producer Sam Ward and to Grand Piano Records and Naxos Records for their consistent support of this undertaking.

Many of you know that I transcribed the Brandenburg Concertos for piano-4-hands after dissatisfaction with Max Reger’s version. In 2018 the “Brandenburg Duets” became a best seller and led to many subsequent Bach arrangements. Now that the Orchestral Suites are done, we have a total of 42 movements of supreme music for piano duos of all ages and levels to delve into!

To help Bach’s magnificent works finally gain their rightful place in the piano duet repertoire, I especially need your support with pre-orders this time. To understand how your pre-orders will shape the recording’s success, please read this short explanation:

  1. Amazon bases their order of CD stock on how many pre-orders the album receives; if it doesn’t get a minimum number of pre-orders, they won’t stock it at all. Some shoppers prefer to avoid Amazon but no artist can afford to shun the exposure this mega online retailer brings.
    • So, if you’re an Amazon customer, and wait until release day to order, you may have to wait even longer to receive it.  
  2. For digital download and streaming sites like itunes and Apple Music, pre-saves help to prove demand to the platform so that the album can get features, better placements, and fun playlist landings on release day. 
    • And as a bonus, when you pre-add/pre-order the album, you will immediately get one full track! Also, when you pre-save the album, they will make sure the album is ready for you to listen as soon as you wake up on release day.
  3. The album’s placement on the Billboard Charts is a crucial statistic in the music industry. EVERY one of your pre-orders will count towards that important first week on the charts.

In thanks, anyone who pre-orders a hard copy — a beautiful item for CD collectors, with the lovely cover by Anita Quayyum Agha – through November 11, can share their purchase confirmation and receive a $10 Gift Code for use on my store at EleonorBindman.com.